We can all say it was fate when a life changing encounter happened. Having never before seen an eclipse, it was a great inspiration to open our eyes to the beauty of the universe. The beautiful colours, and authenticity of the magnificence; Just taking photos were not enough. Our founder, Joshua had a inspiring moment and decided to capture the colours of astronomy and physically mate it with his unparalleled passion for timepieces. Aesthetic but classical, quality parts but unapologetic prices so that everyone could keep their time in style. After many iterations, pondering and striving for perfection, we came across a timepiece that puts other collection we have all known and enjoyed to a great shame. This was to be the first of Kataphrakt Kronograf.
At Kataphrakt, we took a different approach to minimalism. We crafted more, to encapsulate the beauty of astronomy without sacrificing balanced, artful composure. Ronda 708 Swiss movement instead of cost saving Japanese miyota quartz movement, rotating moonphase dial for our iconic design language and uniqueness, engraved crown and model names for an exquisite feel, double stacked dial with 15 degrees taper for a realism, carefully stitched genuine leather with embossing to last through out ages and so much more.
Kataphrakt timepieces have also embodied the spirit of timekeeping throughout the ages. When timekeeping was merely down to astronomical means, sundials, or water clocks in the ancient times, our ancestors dreamed of nothing more than a timekeeping device available to everyone someday. Designed for aesthetics with representation of astronomy, to suit both genders of all ages at a fraction of the cost, it boldly captures the spirit of timekeeping throughout the history in this modern day era.