Classic timepiece redefined, for everyone of all ages.

Kataphrakt's first timepieces will be 2/3 of the full price and 150 limited edition customizable pieces will be available through referrals. We don't want you to miss out. Pre-order at our indiegogo page, available now!

Kataphrakt Kronograf

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  • Swiss Quartz Ronda Movement

    Our watches use swiss quartz ronda 708 movement unlike our competitors which uses chinese or japanese movement of lower quality.

  • Hardened Mineral Glass

    Sapphire, while scratch resistant is prone to shattering. Normal Glass is easily exposed to scratches as shattering. To retain pristine aesthetics throughout your years our timepieces use hardend mineral glass, which is both scratch and shatter resistant.

  • Top Quality Leather

    Kataphrakt Kronograf leather strap is soft to the touch yet has a tough durability, giving it a premium feel never before seen offered in this price range. Our logo is embossed subtly in the wrist area to rid of mundaneness.

  • Premium Anodized Watch Casing

    Our watch casing is anodized with accurate pantone colour choice to give a premium and balanced feel.

  • Luxury Leather Case

    Our leather case is designed from ground up to be aesthetic as possible without compromise.


Will I be able to add custom name to the timepiece?

Yes. The letters will be limited to 11 and can contain upper and lower cases from A-Z. The customization will only ever be available during our pre-order phase and be limited to 150 pieces. Timepiece model name will be replaced by the customization of your choice.

Will you be able to deliver the timepieces without risks to the buyer?

Yes. We have prepared everything already in advance including shipping routes. However, it is a costly project and we will not be able to mass produce without your support. In return we offer the timepieces at a discount rate during the pre-order period for your benefit.

Your timepieces have quick release straps. Why don't you offer different coloured strap options?

We take extreme pride in our designs and spend months adjusting colours with pantone colours to give a balanced premium look. By offering strap choices of different colours, our philosophy and designs may be altered from the premium vanilla look.

What will be the RRP of the watch?

Recommended Retail Price of the timepiece will be USD $149. In comparison to this, pre-order prices will be starting at USD $89 for limited earlybird places and USD $99 for people that missed this deal. Limited edition 150 pieces will be offered at $149.

Will you present any models with different movement?

Yes. We will begin working on another project as soon as the pre-order period finishes. The new versions will be more impactful on the colours and include automatic movements.

How are your timepieces different to your competitors?

Our focus is in providing you best looking timepieces and high quality components at our price range. Most of other competitors at this price range either provides discounted movements, basic watch models with their logos and call it minimalistic design as if it was for the sake of minimalism.

What is the music used in the video?

Summer Mvt 3 Presto by John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.